All technical communicators start with a small subset of tools and gradually broaden their knowledge over time. Some people may only ever work with a very limited range of tools due to the types of work they are doing. Other people may have a much broader exposure at a shallow level. The list of types of tools has been kept generic to avoid listing large numbers of available tools that change regularly.

The technical communicator must be competent in selecting and using a range of appropriate tools, for example:

  • word processing
  • page layout and publishing
  • help authoring
  • charting and diagramming
  • presentation development and delivery
  • image manipulation and graphics
  • single-sourcing
  • content management
  • document control and management
  • voice recording (digital)
  • conference calls, webinars and teleseminars
  • spreadsheets for creating databases and tables
  • language review and editing
  • styles, CSS and appropriate
  • text manipulation, transformation and processing.

Technical communicators must be able to learn how to use new tools quickly and effectively.

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