Website Notes

Before making comments and suggestions, please read this page first.

IMPORTANT: The side navigation menu is a work in progress (I’m not happy with it). The priority is to getting the content onto the site, and I will find a better menu (or write one) when time allows. If you can suggest a better menu, please let me know. WordPress’s popularity is also a downside, there are sometimes dozens of options to evaluate (and then you end up writing your own).


The website uses WordPress, with the following plugins:

  • Akismet – provides anti-spam protection for comments
  • Anthologize – allows a project to be exported in ebook format
  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox – as the name implies, automatically backs up WordPress files and database to Dropbox.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress – add the Google Analytics tracking code; Big Brother is watching you
  • Jetpack by – Provides many features including basic statistics, and mobile access to the website
  • WordFence – website security

Possible future additions: WordPress SEO, bbPress forum (we will try comments on pages for now), Redirection (to help us deal with broken links).

Any comments? (and please tell us where you are writing from)