Developing a style guide

Ability to: <link each bullet point to grey headings below>

  • understand the elements of a style guide
  • develop a corporate style guide
  • develop corporate templates
  • develop project-specific style guides.

Elements of a style guide

Typical content for a style guide includes:

  • what templates to use
  • use of colour if not determined in templates
  • standards for punctuation, capitalisation, terminology
  • standard wording
  • references to supporting published style guides
  • how to format hyperlinks
  • indexing guidelines
  • how to present graphics
  • how to navigate between different topics.

Developing templates

Templates are very important for consistency of formatting of documents. Organisations typically have a range of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint templates that are used to define the headings and look and feel of the content for different types of documents and presentations.

Developing templates is a valuable skill.

Corporate and project style guides

A corporate style guide is for use within the organisation to define the acceptable format for printed and online documents. A project-specific style guide contains very similar information to a corporate style guide, but is typically shorter and refers to the corporate guide.

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