Output and publishing

The work of technical communicators can be delivered through a variety of channels and in various formats. The average technical communicator needs to have at least a passing knowledge across a wide range of these channels as well as a detailed knowledge in those directly applicable to their work.

Have knowledge of:

  • publishing to different output formats (web, online help, PDF and so on)
  • print output and management
  • pre-print processing
  • publishing and distribution to customers
  • online publishing – knowledge of limitations and constraints
  • online output, including maximising possibilities with single-sourcing, cross referencing, links, and logical structures
  • PDF output – knowledge of limitations and constraints
  • site maps and software tools
  • social media/feedback
  • tailoring the output to meet the requirements of the audience
  • user-generated content management, for example wikis and forums
  • the use of multimedia as a tool for conveying information.

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