Typical personal attributes

There are many personal attributes that can help a person to become a good technical communicator. For example:

  • curious about the world and able to find almost anything interesting
  • self-motivated
  • good at questioning/interviewing as well as eliciting and mining for information
  • quick learner
  • adaptive and flexible
  • accurate, with good attention to detail
  • disciplined self-manager
  • problem solver
  • improver
  • able to step back and see the big picture as well as being able to focus on detail when required
  • tech savvy
  • think analytically, applying reason and logic
  • understand how the physical world works
  • explain things well and at an appropriate level for the audience
  • distil information to an appropriate level of detail and complexity for the audience
  • practical
  • analytical
  • objective
  • diplomatic
  • confident and assertive
  • methodical
  • well-read
  • hard worker
  • able to prioritise and work to deadlines.


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